The Bishop of London made a confession at the solemn ceremony of the induction and installation of the Rev Canon Dr Alison Joyce as the rector of the “journalists’ church” of St Bride’s in Fleet Street.
The Rt Rev and Rt Hon Dr Richard Chartres KCVO told representatives of churches, livery companies and the Press that he had not so fond memories of Fleet Street. “It was at the Daily Telegraph in the building opposite that I was sacked as the religious affairs correspondent by Max Hastings,” he said to laughter.
Then for the Bishop of London it was back to the solemn bit of receiving The Oath of Canonical Obedience from the Rev Canon Dr Joyce who takes over from the Venerable David Meara.
The Bishop said Canon Dr Joyce, who had friends from her previous church in Edgbaston in the congregation, would be at home in St Bride’s with its traditions for wonderful music. She was a singer and instrumentalist as well as a gifted teacher, he said.
Canon Joyce said she was already realising she needed to keep a diary to stay on top of St Bride’s hectic world of back-to-back events. Two days after Canon Joyce became rector of St Bride’s the Archbishop of Canterbury was at her church giving the address at the Journalists’ Commemorative Service on “The pen is mightier than the sword” and this will be followed by Nigel Farage talking about the Great War at this year’s Tom Olsen lecture.
Canon Joyce’s husband Paul Joyce is a professor of Theology and Religious Studies at King’s College London.